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  • What I read in 2019

    I’m slowly starting to compile book lists and recommendations for my “book List” page. I will be adding to this and providing a brief one-to-two sentence summary and recommendation of each book. stay tuned! Book Completed in 2019

  • Why blog? Isn’t blogging a dead art?

    yes, yes it is. All the top influencers are on insta, Twitter, fb and whatever new app that I don’t even know about. But that’s not my goal. Five years ago when I started this domain name, I put all this weird pressure on myself. I was fearful that everyone would think what I wrote […]

  • The Marvelous Friendship of Frog and Toad

    “They sat there, feeling happy together.” Isn’t this just the type of friendship we long for, especially during difficult times and trials? A friend who understands and can just be with us, without offering judgement or even advice.

  • Catholicism in the time of Covid

    This image circulated social media the other evening: a completely blacked out map of the United States. Someone had been tracking each dioceses’ responses to covid and social distancing, and on Sunday, all public Masses had been canceling across the entire country.

  • My Favorite Toddler Books

    Reading to babies and toddlers isn’t always the great experience we imagine it will be. They throw, rip, and eat the books. I remember with my first child thinking that I will start reading right away…and she couldn’t sit for longer than maybe 30 seconds at a time! How do you read to this age?

  • The Power of Story

    Storytelling is one of the oldest arts in human history. The images of drawings inside caves show us even the earliest people described their lives and shared their history through story. Stories have the ability to teach lessons and morals, provide a distraction during a difficult time, and transport us to times and places we […]

  • Corona Diaries 1

    It’s 11 PM, March 4th, and I’m on my phone placing a bulk order of cold, flu and basic medicines to fortify my home medicine cabinet. For the past couple of several weeks I had been following the situation in Wuhan, and then Italy and Iran. I couldn’t really believe my eyes, and like most […]

  • Tuesday’s Tip: Quit Facebook

    **i wrote this four years ago, but it’s a good reminder! Maybe I’ll get around to editing it sometime… :)** So, we are a month into 2016.  I’m sure you already read your fill of New Year Resolution posts – posts and articles about how we are going to lose weight, save money/pay off debt, […]

  • Tuesday’s Tip: Make Your Own Social Media Graphics

    If I you are like me, you’ve browsed through Facebook or Pinterest and wondered how all those fancy and creative images are created? Most web designers and graphic designers are most likely using Adobe Photoshop (Ps), which is an incredible tool. Ps and other Creative Suite software are among the standards in the industry, but […]

  • Brushing Teeth: there is an App for that?

      Ok, I will be honest. Until recently, brushing my toddler’s teeth hasn’t been the easiest task. She greatly disliked it, even though she helped pick our the Tigger and Pooh brushes. It was such a battle of wills, and although I usually won, it still was a generally unpleasant task. Thankfully, it has become […]