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  • Review: Island of the World

    “You will not want to put this book down until you finish it, and you will continue to live in it even after you close it’s covers. This story will change you. And make you a wiser better person- is there any greater success for a book thank that? —Peter kreft Not very often does […]

  • What I read in 2019

    I’m slowly starting to compile book lists and recommendations for my “book List” page. I will be adding to this and providing a brief one-to-two sentence summary and recommendation of each book. stay tuned! Book Completed in 2019

  • The Marvelous Friendship of Frog and Toad

    “They sat there, feeling happy together.” Isn’t this just the type of friendship we long for, especially during difficult times and trials? A friend who understands and can just be with us, without offering judgement or even advice.