Tuesday Tips: Stock Photos


Clip Art of the 21st Century

At the heart of a good blog piece is great pictures.  When I was new to the blogging world, I was always astounded to see such gorgeous photos on my friends’ blogs. Yet, they were not photographers, or even that great at Photoshop. So what gives, I asked?

answer: stock photos that are 1) incredibly beautiful and artistic and 2) free and even attribution-free.

This is the site I love that provides the top 17 websites for free stock photos. https://bootstrapbay.com/blog/free-stock-photos/ 

Back in middle school when the Interest was just getting to be a common thing in school, I remember my science teacher having us make a PowerPoint that used photos from around the web (read: clip art!)  These photos on the listed sites are not the clip art from days past!

windows 98 clip art