Author: Erin

  • $5 and a Watermelon Slice

    The nights would be sticky and humid, and the cicadas chirping away. The sun was still high in the sky after dinner, and my dad and i would begin our weekly trek to grandma’s. On these nights, I got out of dishes-and-sweeping duty. For many summers until I graduated high school, I would join my […]

  • The Simplicity Parenting Style

    Not much about 2020 and 2021 feels “simple.” Not much about parenting feels simple! But I recently I stumbled upon the aptly named “simplicity parenting” style, and I’ve been trying to implement the ideas into our family life. This method should be called “common sense parenting.” The counselor and educator, Kim John Payne, works with […]

  • Books Children Can Relate To

    Life is a journey, and not always (usually?) an easy one. Looking back at my childhood, it’s simple to say it was carefree and challenge-free. But that isn’t true. Navigating school, homelife, chores, increasing responsibly, frustrating younger (or older) siblings, the list goes on. Here are a handful of my favorite kids books that they […]

  • Light

    Anything that gives light must burn. As I was returning a stroller-full of books to my library this week, I began chatting with a stranger about the work of parenthood. He had commented on my double stroller- a contraption he hadn’t seen before- or perhaps not noticed before. He had spent the last 10 months […]

  • I ate your crackers all.

    My toddler is not quite three years old, so I suppose many would say he’s in the thoroughs of the terrible twos. But are they so terrible? Some days, I would say yes. But as we are closing in on his upcoming third birthday, I’m more often like to say: Terrific twos. This age brings […]

  • Growing up, Expectations, and Mercy

    As parents, we are striving to teach our kids right from wrong, virtue from vice, how to pursue the good, even when it is time-consuming, less comfortable, and downright hard. But how do we do this? And what sort of exceptions should we have for them? If we expect our kids to clean up after […]

  • Ode to Library Book Sales

    Tables of books, dusty and old yet full of wonders, treasures untold. Will I find an old Bible? Or Robinson Crusoe on his raft? Or if I search really hard, an entire set of the 1970’s ChildCraft. For only one dollar- I can’t believe my victory! The 3-disk DVD collection, of Anne of Avonlea! Oh, […]

  • Review: The Star Of Kazan

    My husband selected this book for me at our local library book sale. “I felt you would like it,” he remarked. Indeed, I do. It is a young adult novel, and is not a complicated plot. A young orphan girl lives in Vienna, raised by two maids. As the story unravels, young Annika lives a […]

  • Review: A Lantern In Her Hand

    Book Review: A Lantern in her Hand by Bess Streeter Aldrich I am a member of a delightful facebook group that discusses all things quality books and literature. My “to-be-read” list grew and grew after joining the group, but that is a delightful problem to have. In a thread about books that have a “strong sense […]

  • Review: A Handful of Dust

    I picked up with book based on a recommendation of a friend, and the fact that it was actually available at my library for immediate checkout during the COVID lockdown(1.0) Written in 1934 by Evelyn Waugh, I was intrigued, as I had only read his most famous “Brideshead Revisted.” I had absolutely no idea what […]