The Simplicity Parenting Style

Not much about 2020 and 2021 feels “simple.” Not much about parenting feels simple! But I recently I stumbled upon the aptly named “simplicity parenting” style, and I’ve been trying to implement the ideas into our family life. This method should be called “common sense parenting.” The counselor and educator, Kim John Payne, works withContinue reading “The Simplicity Parenting Style”

Books Children Can Relate To

Life is a journey, and not always (usually?) an easy one. Looking back at my childhood, it’s simple to say it was carefree and challenge-free. But that isn’t true. Navigating school, homelife, chores, increasing responsibly, frustrating younger (or older) siblings, the list goes on. Here are a handful of my favorite kids books that theyContinue reading “Books Children Can Relate To”


Anything that gives light must burn. As I was returning a stroller-full of books to my library this week, I began chatting with a stranger about the work of parenthood. He had commented on my double stroller- a contraption he hadn’t seen before- or perhaps not noticed before. He had spent the last 10 monthsContinue reading “Light”