Books with Families

Yes, all books have families but these are particularly lovely and often showcase larger families and many close sibling relationships.

Many of these books make for great read alouds!

All of a Kind Family – Sydney Taylor (7+)

The Moffats – Eleanor Estes (4+)

The Saturdays (and the Melendy Quartet) – Elizabeth Enright (6+)

The Happy Little Family (up and the down the River) – Rebecca Cauldill (4+)

The Children of Noisy Village – (6+)

Happy Times in Noisy Village*

The Family Shoes – Noel Stretfield (8+)

The Penderwicks (for older (9+) audiences)

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street (9+)

The Mitchell’s Family Series – Hilda Van Stockum

*There is a Santa Clause spoiler in Happy Times in Noisy Village! It can be edited out/skipped when reading aloud.

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