Book Series for Little Girls

I remember the nights when my younger daughter would lament that she could not yet read. While her elder sister could stay up a bit later, book in hand, she would color, play with her stuffed animals, but audibly announced her frustration that she could not yet read.

We reassured her it would happen- and happen quickly it did! Now my older girls still love our read-aloud times, but they devour books, usually faster than I can collect them at the library.

Childhood is such a sweet time for books, and there are so many lovely titles for young girls. Here are our favorites Series:

The Children of Noisy Village

Ramonta Series

American Girl Series

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Magicians Nephew (all the Narnia are good, but start with these)

The Princess in Black

Up and down the River – The Fairchild Family

Betsy Tacy

All of a Kind Family

Nick and Sam Series

Little House on the Prairie

Grandma’s Attic

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Welcome! Here is a small space where I share about my favorite books, ideas for children’s growth and play, and how the good, true, and beautiful can lead us to living an abundant life.

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