Books Children Can Relate To

Life is a journey, and not always (usually?) an easy one. Looking back at my childhood, it’s simple to say it was carefree and challenge-free. But that isn’t true. Navigating school, homelife, chores, increasing responsibly, frustrating younger (or older) siblings, the list goes on.

Here are a handful of my favorite kids books that they can relate to, and begin to see that they aren’t the only ones in the world who think a certain way, or feel frustrated by this or that.

Frog and Toad: These tales are filled with the drama of everday life. Losing buttons, failing to fly a kite, needing time alone to refresh, and having ice cream melt all over your head. Every story is relatable.

Ramona the Pest. This one works no matter where your child falls in the sibling order. Older siblings will realize their younger kid sister isn’t the most annoying one in the world. The Ramonas of the world will see that maybe their tendency to ride their tricycle around the checkers board actually is annoying.

Thunder Cake: Patricia Polocco deserves her own post, but for now this one helps kids conquer their fear of storms, while including the ever-comforting warmth of Grandma.

The Hundred Dresses. Oh, this sweet story is about a young polish girl who doesn’t quite fit in with her class. It is told from the viewpoint of her classmates who bully her and comes to regret their behavior. A Brilliant story beautifully told.

Charlotte’s Web: This children’s classic shows the timeless lessons of friendship, sacrifice, growing up and the love between friends.

The Story of Ferdinand: “He likes to just sit there and be quiet and smell the flowers.” This one is for your budding introvert.

A Lot More to come! Stay Tuned!

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