I ate your crackers all.

My toddler is not quite three years old, so I suppose many would say he’s in the thoroughs of the terrible twos. But are they so terrible? Some days, I would say yes.

But as we are closing in on his upcoming third birthday, I’m more often like to say:

Terrific twos. This age brings so much excitement and fun to life. I love seeing a two-year old’s discovery of how water can dump out of a bucket, the thrill of running through the grass with a butterfly net, or the endearing way he believes he can “catch the bird!” And then he’s heartbroken when the bird flies away, yet again

The way he can tear apart his sister’s neatly arranged bed, jewelry box, and treasured toys in a matter of seconds. When accused of the crime, he admits to it with great joy, not understanding the aggravation he is causing the eldest child.

The way he is quick to help me in the kitchen, mashing potatoes for dinner, squishing his hands in the bread dough, and pouring the sugar for dad’s afternoon tea.

This age brings the ability to pretend and play. Witnessing his imagination with just his backhoe loader, fire engine, and “thomas guy” (a thomas the tank engine driver) is such a delight.

The sweet innocent way he tells the truth, no matter what. The minute dad gives him a sweet or vitamin gummy bear- he’s off to tell his sisters about his bounty. When he takes their snack we hear “SweetPea, I ate your crackers all.”

When I leave him home with dad to run an errand or fetch the girls from school, he laments with tear-filled eyes, “Mama, I lost you! Don’t lose me again!”

As of late, he won’t give me kisses or hugs every time I ask (as they do when they are between one and two years, another magical age.) but instead I hear “Mama, lets fight!” He wants to tumble, toss pillows, throw balls and general rough-house with whoever is willing and able.

Perhaps the greatest joys of motherhood is the gift of watching your young child grow, develop and mature. As we turn the corner of the “terrible twos,” I can’t wait to see what the “thrilling threes” have in store for us.

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