Covid: 8 months in…

Two weeks to flatten the curve…two months to help our healthcare workers…two years until life returns?

When I started this again in March 2020, I really didn’t realize we were in for the long haul with covid-19. (Did anyone?) I really don’t want to get political or opinionated on this blog, but just want to remark on the really crazy year this has been for everyone. I have experienced every emotion about this pandemic, ranging from 100% onboard with the lockdown, to wondering if we can really isolate forever from a virus (viruses are everywhere and usually spread beyond our control; of course daily counts will increase if we increase testing.) Eight or nine months in, I’ve run through the gamut of trying to decide what is/was/should be our cultural and social response to the novel coronavirus. Isolate the most vulnerable and let the rest get herd immunity? Would this actually happen (keeping the vulnerable safe?) I don’t know. What about the workers and staff? Yet, the reality is that we still don’t completely know how this virus will act in different individuals, and we do know it wrecks havoc and takes lives on those who are already compromised.

As we enter this winter season, I am trying to gain the mental and physical stamina to go through another lockdown, or at minimum, a cold, long winter without much outside contact of friends and family. Living in a cold climate with harsh Januarys and Februarys, we have done this before, and I’m trying to approach it with the same mindset.

What I’ve learned (or observed) this year:

Family observations

-I am so glad to have a supportive husband and happy kids, even if the constant time together drives us all bonkers.

-Kids make so many messes.

-Fun and life-learning lessons are usually messy and loud.

-It takes a lot of activities to keep a toddler happy inside the house.

-Nature is often the best medicine, and not just for children.

-Set routines, especially for mealtimes, quiet time, and prayer have been the backbone of keeping some sanity.

-Creating music together bonds us together as a family and gives us and external goal we can strive for together.

Personal Observations

-I can wake up early if I commit to the habit, if I have an external reason that forces me to. Yet, I am better for it.

-Reading is really the only hobby I can easy do at home with lots of noise and activity AND which keeps me very sane.

-The old saying that the mother sets the temperature and the tone for the home is TRUE (even as much as I begrudge and sometimes resent it.) My attitude does matter a lot.

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