What I read in 2019

I’m slowly starting to compile book lists and recommendations for my “book List” page. I will be adding to this and providing a brief one-to-two sentence summary and recommendation of each book. stay tuned!

Book Completed in 2019

January and February

  • The Girl of the Limberlost –  Gene Stratton-Porter: A sweet book about Elnora, a teenager growing up in the deep in the forests of Indiana, who fights to gain an education, while staying connected to her home and land, nature, and her depressed and struggling mother.
  • Happy Times in Noise Village – Astrid Lindgen. This is the same author as Pippi Longstocking, yet it was a new title for me. We loved this book as a read aloud! It is a simple book about six Swedish children growing up in the country, and it details their adventures of walking to school, fishing, decorating and preparing for Christmas. It’s simple and sweet.
  • Lila – Marilynne Robinson I had already read (and enjoyed) Robinson’s Gilead, so I probably had too-high of expectations for this one. It tells the story of John Ames’ wife, Lila. Robinson’s writing is good, but the story drags.
  • The Children’s Blizzard – David Laskin
  • Shirt of Flame – Heather King
  • Exiles – Ron Hansen
  • Ella Enchanted –   
  • Henry and Ribsy (read aloud) – Beverly Cleary
  • Beezus and Ramona (read aloud) – Beverly Cleary
  • I saw three ships – Elizabeth Goudge
  • The Scent of Water – Elizabeth Goudge
  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – 
  • The Life-giving Home – Sally Clarkson

March and April

  • The Great Divorce – CS Lewis
  • A Portrait of a Lady – Henry James
  • 84 Charing Cross Road –
  • The Dean’s Watch – Elizabeth Goudge
  • A Lantern in her Hand – Bess Streeter Aldrich

May and June

  • The Dollmaker of Krakow-
  • The Widows of Malabar Hill –
  • Panassus on Wheels- Charles Morley
  • Rainbow Valley – LM Montgomery
  • Imagination Station: Problems in Plymouth (read aloud)
  • A Storybook of Jesus – Enid Blyton
  • The Grace of Enough – Haley STewart
  • Mistywood Series- read aloud
  • Island of the World- Michael D O’Brien

July and August:

  •  Mrs. Buncle’s Book – D.E. STevenson
  • A Gentleman in Moscow –
  • The Boxcar Children – (Read aloud)
  • Beatriz Potter Treasury (read-aloud)
  • James HErrior Treasury for Children
  • The Hundred Dresses –

September and October:

  • Something Other than God – Jenifer Fulwiler
  • Wit; A Play – Margaret Edson
  • A White Bird Flying – Bess Streeter ALdrich
  • Journey in Love: A Catholic MOther’s Prayers after Pre-natal Diagnosis – Kathryn A Casey
  • The Loser Letters –
  • From Fire, by Water – Sohrab Amari
  • Rilla of Ingleside – LM Montgomery
  • Edith Stein: Our Sunday Visitor

November and December:

  • The Light between Oceans – M.L. Stedman
  • The Anti-Mary Exposed – Carrie Gress
  • All-of-A-Kind Family – Sydney Taylor
  • More All-of-A-Kind-Family – Sydney Taylor
  • My Father Left me Ireland – Michael Brendan Dougherty
  • The Housewife – Rumor Godden
  • The Catholic Table – Emily Stimpson Chapman
  • The Theology of Home – Carrie Gress

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