Why blog? Isn’t blogging a dead art?

yes, yes it is. All the top influencers are on insta, Twitter, fb and whatever new app that I don’t even know about.

But that’s not my goal. Five years ago when I started this domain name, I put all this weird pressure on myself. I was fearful that everyone would think what I wrote is silly and a waste of time. So, I basically stopped (plus, throw in the fact that my kids hardly napped or slept for the first few years!)

As I am now thrown into the world of homeschooling and watching the world unravel from covid-19, I felt the need to keep up a hobby at home and document what I was seeing around me. I started a paper journal, and my toddler kept stealing my pen.

So, I picked up the ol’ Blog again. The same toddler will probably be after my keyboard next. But, I figured this is worth a try, even if it’s just a means to remember what we are doing and try to bring some clarity and maybe even joy ( by discussing happy things like books, faith and food)  to my little world.