Piano Practice

We recently moved our Casio keyboard back to the living room, and it’s been a delight to play again. (It was kept high up on the shelf after our recent move.) I took lessons all through elementary-10th grade, but after hs/college/work, there wasn’t always a lot of opportunity to play, let alone to the degree during my school years.

My fingers act like they remember the tunes, but they slip and stumble, especially with a piece with f and c sharps. I have to replay the piece many times and remind myself to be patient. Getting back to the skill level that I desire is not going to happen overnight.

As I was playing this morning (while baby and toddler pounded away on the lower keys) I was thinking about how much this relates to my endeavor at learning HTML and CSS. I’ve been back to working on codecademy.com and even though it has been only weeks since I’ve really delved in to the work, my fingers were a little slow when arranging the CSS of a navigation bar on a website. I *knew* how to do it, but there was a slight brain fog, just like when you dust of an old favorite piano piece. It’s the same with my coding practice. Sneaking in 20-30 minutes a day will put me bounds and leaps ahead of a two-three hour stretch once or twice a week.  So, it’s back to the keyboard(s)!