Girl Develop It

Girl Develop It, Inc.

You’ve got to check this out–  Girls Develop It (GDI) –  is a Minneapolis page on  GDI is a non-profit organization devoted to helping women in the tech and computer science fields, and inspiring girls to learn to code.

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and judgment-free opportunities for women interested in learning web and software development. Through in-person classes and community support, Girl Develop It helps women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence in their careers and their every day lives.

Girl Develop It

I love these types of groups supporting women in tech.  GDI hosts “coffee-and-coding” meetups, puts on different tutorials on the many facets of the tech world such as on WordPress, JavaScript, and Photoshop for example.  They also post all of their course tutorials online. Here are the permalinks for the JavaScript class.

1: and Day 2:


“Which Coding Language Should I learn?”

For those new to the programming world, it can be a little confusing when trying to decide where to start. I saw this infographic online and thought it breaks down the differences and purpose of each language really well.

Which Coding Language Should You Learn?


Mama Codes is back online

So, you may have noticed it’s been nearly two months since my last check in. Family life has kept me occupied (my baby is too quickly learning to crawl and almost walk! not allowed!) and I deemed it prudent to step back from the blog and focus hearth and home.


Even though neither my husband and I work in academia, and I haven’t been in school for six years, the fall seasons feels like such a natural “starting again” time. Time for routines to be set back in place after the business (and unstructured) play of summer. Time to jump out of bed earlier, greet the rising sun, and get back to reaching goals and finding joy mundane routines of life.

I’m looking forward to getting back to work and posting a least weekly. I hope you stick around – I’ve got a new ideas brewing so stay tuned!