HTML5: Week 1 Review

NYCIn my last post, I suggested trying out the course on HTML5. I started it this week, and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I am still plugging away at it. It is definitely not a course for HTML beginners. Instead, it is assumes you have a solid foundation of the basic HTML. Most web designers are using HTML4 (although it is not really called that). HTML5 was released last year, and it was the first revision of the language since 1998. So much has changed in the tech world in 15 years, so the developers of HTML thought it was time to also revise HTML. HTML5 attempts to streamline and fix certain aspects of the HTML code that everyone currently uses.

For example, a large focus of this week’s material has been on the new structural elements. In the normal HTML(non-html5) code, the

tag (which stands for division) is the commonly used tag for dividing up a page into sections. If you wanted a header section, a sidebar for navigation, and a regular “body” section, you would create a div for each part. Now, with HTML5, you could simply use “header” “footer” and “nav” tags instead of making them div tags.

Additionally, the course contains mostly pages and PDFs to read and work through, not videos as I was expecting. That is okay, just different than the other online courses I have used. I haven’t taken the quiz yet so I’ll check back in when I have the results!


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