My Favorite Online Learning Resources

I haven’t been able to spend much time online lately, as a bad cough and cold descended on our home. Right now I am actually pushing my baby’s bassinet back and forth with one hand hoping to keep her asleep! I’m back with a quick post about a few useful (and free!) resources I have been using.

EdX and CS50

My first real introduction into Computer Science was through CS50 through EdX . It is the introductory Computer Science course at Harvard. Harvard (and many other top universities) have teamed up with EdX to offer many of their college courses for free online. CS50 is a great course. It is taught by a very charismatic professor and it is presented in a very fun and approachable way. The majority of the real students in the course at Harvard have never taken a CS class nor have they studied or played around with any computer programming. There is a great online CS50 community on Facebook which is very encouraging and motivating.It is not easy, however, and you do have to commit quite a bit of time to read the books, material and complete the exercises.

I suggest watching at least the first few videos, simply to get a feel of what CS has to offer and to learn that maybe this is possible to learn. Click here to watch it on the CS50 youtube channel.

Udemy Courses

Udemy is a great online resource for learning just about anything! People with an expertise is something make an online course and you can either purchase it, or wait around for it to become discounted or free. The discounts/free options come around often. There are many options for computer programming or Iphone App Development. I have really benefited from this media for learning because you can watch the teacher actually code or show examples on his screen. I will usually keep one screen open with the course and the other with my compiling program and follow along as they go.

The Library

Third, check out the library. My local library has some great tech books, and some are even geared for children if you want a super-easy introduction to a new subject or language. My trouble is that I always check out too many to read in the 3-week check out period! I love to surround myself with great books and new learning material.

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