My Story

I do not have a background in Computer Science, and the credit goes to my husband for introducing me to the world of coding, testing, and all things tech. If you had told me 5 years ago I would have a blog specifically for web programming, I would not have believed you!

When I started to learn more and more from my husband, I realized, wow! this is very interesting and accessible! Between the internet and the library, I had all the means to teach myself a few new skills. Additionally, so many people are gaining these skills, and the likes of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many others agree that being able to code is going to be a general requirement for most jobs in the future, just like reading and math skills are today. I certainly know that I will encourage my children to learn to code at an early age.

As I learned more and more, my interest grew. It especially took off when I began to take online courses for HTML.  I already had a small personal blog up and running, and it was really encouraging and motivating when I could learn a little HTML and edit my blogs exactly how I wanted them, rather than just within the confines of the (unnamed) blogging service I used.

I began by enrolling in a few HTML courses on (more on this in a new post) and rented a few books from the library. And I just began practicing over and over. Between all the work with the house, kids, etc, I don’t have a ton of time each day to devote to this, but I slowing becoming more organized and efficient with my time. I started this blog to document what I am learning and how I am learning it.

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